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Original Bingo was played in private hall parties. Bingo has become a fun and popular game for everyone, despite its association with elders. No longer limited to private hall events or age groups, Top Australian online casinos provide real money Bingo games.

This tutorial covers all the rules and game styles you need before playing. Bingo is simple to learn and master in minutes. Players must learn how to generate winning lines and when to call Bingo to win the active round.

Online Bingo Instructions

Bingo has many variations, like all games. Different rules make Bingo more fun and increase the odds of a winning combo. A standard card has 15 numbers with values within a range.

Types of Online Bingo

Four Bingo versions with differing number set sizes are available online. They will be:

Traditional 75-Ball Bingo

This Bingo game uses 5×5 cards with a maximum of 25 random numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Bingotickets are multi-card purchases. If you dislike a card’s numbers, you can swap them.

These cards say “BINGO” to help players find numbers. Players will find a number range for each letter mentioned above. Any Bingo card will always have a random value from that range under the letter. A winning line or shape is completed by filling a free area under the letter O.

90 Ball Bingo

This Bingo variation uses 1–90-numbered balls. A nine-column, 18-row card is given to players. The full strip holds six Bingo tickets. Each ticket is played within the 3-row, 9-column block size.

To win the round, the player must form a horizontal line of five numbers on one ticket. Bingo players will play all 6 tickets on the sheet. Online Bingo mechanically marks the numbers drawn on the proper ticket.

After completing a line, players continue until someone finishes two lines on one ticket or a full house, three lines of five on one ticket.

80-ball Bingo

This Bingo variation uses 1–80-numbered balls. The card for this variation is a 4×4 grid with 16 random numbers.

Each column has a value range.

Column 1: 1–20.

Column 2: 21–40.

Column 3: 41–60.

Column 4: 61–80.

Different 80-ball Bingo variations allow players to match for many winning combinations. We discuss them below.

Home and Line

Players compete to win a four-number line first and then a full house.

Full House

Players complete four lines in all four columns.

Corners Only

The card is complete when all four corner values are called out.

Full House Only

Players compete to finish a ticket, or card, with no digits left. All other forms and lines are ignored.

Speed 30-Ball Bingo

This variation uses 30 balls numbered 1–30, like a smaller 75-ball Bingo. Players receive a ticket with a 3×3 grid with random numbers ranging from 1 to 30. The ticket stores column number value ranges.

Column 1: 1–10.

Column 2: 11–20

Column 3: 21–30

To win a round of Speed Bingo, players must cover all 9 numbers in the 3×3 grid. One person wins the game, and a new round begins with a new ticket.

Online Bingo Pattern Variations

Many Bingo versions provide many ways to play and win. Each game has its own goal or shape and may have many round-winning approaches.

For greater excitement, players may meet varied winning rules. These playstyles and forms will greatly impact game winnings but may make it harder to achieve so.

Lines: Getting a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line is one of the most popular Bingo winning combinations. Five numbers in a row in 75-ball Bingo.

Full house, or blackout bingo. Every square on your Bingo card must be covered to win a blackout round. This pattern is commonly used in 30-ball Bingo, as the card is just 3×3. This is harder in 75-ball or 90-ball Bingo but pays more. Online progressive jackpot Bingo games often use this winning shape.

T’s: Playing with a capital T pattern is one of the most enjoyable and demanding methods to win Bingo. Players can win by placing the T shape right side up or upside down with numbers in the center row relative to the top. Playing with a sideways T with numbers across both columns is another option. Any orientation makes it fun and tough to play.

This shape variation requires players to join three lines against the Bingo card’s sides to make a ‘U’ shape. To win, mark off the bottom, left-hand side, and top row in a C shape or the right side, bottom, and top row in reverse to form a backward C. Inverted U can also win when top row and left and right sides are marked.

Players must mark out all sides of the Bingo card along the border to form a square border to win with this shape.

Small and large diamonds are the most popular Bingo diamond forms. Mark the squares next to the vacant area in the middle of the Bingo card to construct small diamonds. Players must cover the left, right, top, and bottom values. Large diamonds have their points concentrated on the Bingo card’s top, bottom, left, and right borders.

Broken Picture Frame: This shape covers card squares. Players mark all four corners and middle squares on their cards’ top, bottom, left, and right. Since they are not part of the shape, the other squares can be left unmarked.

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