The Ninja vs. Samurai slot game is one of the PG SLOT games that gamers around the world have voted as the most popular.

In addition to being easy to play, easy to win money, and offering bonuses of up to 50,000 times your wager, the game also has elements that have never been seen in any other slot game. Want to know more? Click here!

Ninja versus Samurai Slots Ninja and Samurai quick money game Ninja versus Samurai slot game. This game may be described as an honorable conflict between ninjas and samurai. According to Japanese history, in the past, affluent noble families or strong individuals constantly used ninjas or samurai to safeguard their property and create their own authority. Clans of ninjas and samurai were required to train and inherit their own talents in order to compete and utilize one another’s strength. While ninjas hone their abilities with rapid throwing and close combat weaponry. The samurai honed their swordsmanship, agility, and decisiveness in order to battle for the master of night warfare.

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How to play the Ninja vs. Samurai real-money slot game

Playing the Ninja vs. Samurai slot game at Ninja168 is fundamentally same to playing any other slot game. Simply pressing the spin button will cause random symbols to emerge on the table. If identical symbols occur in a row in accordance with the game’s predetermined winning pattern, you will be awarded according to the payout rate of each symbol. The game layout consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and a total of 20 paylines. The following are the eleven symbols used in the game.

The emblem for Wild is a Japanese castle. There is a payout rate cap of 500.

blue ninja symbol There is a payout rate cap of 150.

red samurai symbol There is a payout rate cap of 150.

starburst symbol There is a payout rate cap of 100.

samurai sword symbol There is a payout rate cap of 100.

The A and K letter symbols have a maximum payoff of 40.

The Q and J letter symbols have a maximum payoff of twenty.

There are two different sorts of Scatter symbols: ninjas and samurais. Used to trigger the extra function of the game.

Special bonus game for Ninja and Samurai Slots with a 50000x payout

Unique is the ninja and samurai slots bonus game. Which is a conflict between ninjas and samurai, unlike other games. It employs scatter emblems of ninjas and samurai. Any 3 photos or more will activate the function.

Free Spins Function

At the beginning of the Free Spins feature, each ninja and samurai Scatter symbol is turned into 3 ninja or samurai cards, with their locations switched.

The Ninja Card will grant an unique multiplier ranging from 2x to 5x for every reward won.

The Samurai Card will randomly select one reel and load it with Wild symbols.

The two card kinds will function in a random sequence when the Free Spins feature is activated.

If a Scatter symbol appears during the free spins feature, an additional card of that picture is added.

Conclusion: Ninja versus Samurai Slot Game Review

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